The “” platform convened its first conference titled #tech4cause on the use of technology to improve the work efficiency of civil society organizations at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hamra, Beirut, with the participation of more than 130 organizations and civil society activists.

The conference focused on how associations and organizations benefit from the services and technologies that “tahaki” provides in advancing their development their work and managing their operations.

UNESCO’s Communications and Information Officer, Mr. George Awad, spoke about the latest trends in technologies for NGOs. The MENA Regional Lead at Digital Opportunity Trust (DOT), Mrs. Marianne Bitar, discussed the Mapping of the Social Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Lebanon. In addition, Mrs. Sara Al-Sharif, Lebanon Director at Rawad Tanmeya, talked about improving the efficiency of organizations working in the field of community development; Mr. Bashar Kuwatli, General Manager of IBDAA, gave a speech on the growth of the micro-credit sector through the use of technology and decision support systems. There were as well contributions of associations on the subject of real stories that have made use of “tahaki” maps like Paul Abi Rashed, President of the Lebanese ECO Movement, Hayat Mershad, Manager of Sharika Walaken, Emad Eddin Raif from the Lebanese Disabled Persons Union, as well as Sandy Mtaikre from Skoun.

The last part of the conference was a panel on the subject of networking and field cooperation among civil society organizations, challenges facing activists and donors, solutions and prospects, and discussion on how NGOs and associations can benefit from the use of modern technology, and sharing of information among activists, donors and associations. The discussion was led by Salma Al-Yasser, Director-General of the Institute for Palestine Studies, Nada Hamza, Executive Director of MEPI LAA Middle East Association in Lebanon, Rudolph Gabrail, Director of Diakonia Lebanon, Majed Hamato, Head of the NGO platform of Saida, Eva Zidan, Syria networking manager at COSV, and the panel was moderated by Lorenzo Trombetta, consultant at the United Nations and a group of international NGOs.