On 31 October 2017, UNESCO Beirut launched this initiative with the participation of almost 30 NGOs who were trained on the use of the Platform. George Awad, UNESCO Beirut’s Programme Specialist in Communication and Information, said: “As part of this collaboration between UNESCO and the Tahaki Platform, a series of roadshows in different Lebanese regions will be organized, targeting small and medium NGOs to introduce them and to train them on TahakiPro free services”.

North Session, in Al Safadi Foundation, Tripoli

Several roadshows took place across various regions in Lebanon including the North, the South, greater Beirut and Bekaa, targeting numerous NGOs in each of these regions. During the roadshows, participating NGOs have been trained on the use of the Tahaki Pro Free Account in order to facilitate their data management and reporting, and as part of UNESCO’s continuous support to empowering NGOs nationwide. 

Beirut Session, in Unesco Beirut Office
South Session at DPNA Saida
Bekaa Session