Project Description

The field of technology in elections continues to develop at a rapid pace and there is a growing need for more easy to use and efficient systems.

In Lebanon, most of our elections are being held in unsteady situations and in direct response to emerging or urgent political needs; such elections are often implemented within relatively short timelines and with little notice or time for preparation.

Political Party Elections Management System is a solution that enables the election management team and decision-makers from planning, managing and monitoring the elections before and during the election day.

The election management solution that enables the political party from visualizing, monitoring, analyzing, planning, and managing the coming elections. The solution will cover the full election cycle.

The solution is tailored based on each political party needs; It is a smart map-enabled solution that provide the political party with a single view of all electoral issues, polling centers, supporters, drivers, delegates, and voters; enabling the political party election management campaign to turn this data into actionable information.

The system is the base that enables the political party to access all the information needed to manage and operate the coming elections and can be expanded in the future where more advanced modules can be added to the system.

By adopting the solution, The political party will put control of the electoral process in the hands of the election campaign management rather than the technical team. The solution will be user-friendly and easy to use by any business user without the need for any technical training.

Project Details




Private Political Party in Lebanon

Project Date:

November 20, 2018