Project Description

What is tahaki pro?

  1. Everything you need for your not for profit organization (NGO).
  2. Manage and centralize beneficiaries databases to avoid data clutter.
  3. Manage programs & services data, and link it to beneficiaries thus getting rid of program fragmentation.
  4. Enhance field operational efficiency, by empowering the field force with data collection mobile apps.
  5. Improve decision making and planning by accessing customized dashboards that allow data analysis and detecting patterns and trends.
  6. Improve monitoring and evaluation activities by automating the reporting and sharing it with different stakeholders in real-time.

NGO's Beneficiaries Databases, centralized.

Tahaki pro gives you the ability to manage your beneficiaries and household databases using easy-to-use and dynamic tools and structure that can be customized based on the needs of your organization.

Advanced Beneficiaries Management module allows:

  1. Designing advanced beneficiaries database structure using simple tools
  2. Create unique identifier for beneficiaries
  3. Link beneficiaries to their Families
  4. Filter and sort beneficiaries based on different criteria
  5. Analyze beneficiaries data and generate reports
  6. Access and collect data using web and mobile apps

Managing NGO’s programs and services, simplified.

Get rid of program fragmentation by managing projects, programs, and services and linking them to beneficiaries and households.

Advanced Programs and Services Management module allows:

  1. Define and Manage advanced programs and services
  2. Record provided services details based on beneficiaries,
  3. date and location
  4. Retrieve all services provided to beneficiary
  5. Link programs and services information to beneficiaries
  6. database if CSO has one
  7. Access and collect data using web and mobile apps

Build sophisticated surveys and forms for your NGO easily.

Tahaki pro enables you to collect data and insights from anywhere using web and mobile apps and allows to build sophisticated surveys and forms using simple yet powerful surveys and forms builder.

Survey Management module allows:

  • Define and Manage advanced survey forms
  • Collect and fill in data using web and mobile apps
  • Collect data from the public
  • Use advanced fields types to make the form more comprehensive
  • Import and Export data to standard formats
  • Automatically detect location and store it to the database using the mobile app

Discover trends using analysis dashboards and reports.

Real-time reports and dashboards that can be generated and shared to enable seeing the bigger image of the beneficiaries, programs, and services.

Dashboards and Analysis module allows:

  • Conduct advanced filtering scenarios
  • Access real-time decision support dashboards
  • Display data using advanced visualization charts and maps
  • Export database to different formats (Excel, CSV, KML).

Secure, reliable and configurable.

Tahaki pro is a cloud-hosted platform means that you do not need to worry about the hassle of hardware and IT infrastructure.

Our privacy model is simple: Our customer's data belongs to them, and we do whatever we can to protect it. Data is encrypted when needed.

Security, Privacy and Reliability module allows:

  • Managing users and permissions for all organization users
  • Exporting data to standard formats
  • Accessing changelogs for all users

Easier, Quicker and more transparent NGO's Monitoring and Evaluation.

Tahaki pro helps CSOs building result-based projects and M&E systems that enable tracking and measuring of the performance of the projects through easy-to-use and consistent with best practice in M&E and project management tools

NGO’s Monitoring and Evaluation module allows:

  • Define project results using step by step approach
  • Easily set indicators and targets for each outcome
  • Develop M&E questionnaires
  • Monitor project’s KPIs using dashboards
  • Optionally share dashboards with other stakeholders

Project Details


NGO Tech



Project Date:

November 20, 2019