Project Description

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE), is a civil, independent and nonprofit organization specialized in monitoring the elections, studying the electoral systems and laws and pushing local political parties to introduce reforms in line with the international standards of electoral laws. The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections conducted an Observation Mission of 2018 Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon during May 2018. LADE deployed more than 1300 observers across the country to monitor centers, stations and the vote count.

To manage this operation during one day with limited resources LADE created an Elections Monitoring System to allow their 375 fixed observers and 770 mobile observers who were traveling between the Lebanese rural areas to collect and report during the day more than 3,600 critical incidents and thousands of reports assessing the electoral process and environment around the polling centers.

In addition, The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections, LADE, developed a mobile application as a tool for the Lebanese citizens for reporting on the violations they may encounter or witness during the election day. In addition to reporting, this app will allow all citizens to access the technical information about the new electoral law through the voter’s guide section where it contains all the necessary information for candidates, voters, and the media developed by LADE.

LADE has adopted this application as its primary method for documenting violations received by LADE'a observers deployed amongst the 15 electoral districts in Lebanon.

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Project Date:

November 20, 2019