Nabed App

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Nabed is the first application of its kind in the Arab world. This app accompanies you through different stages of disease management, and provides you with instructions for rapid recovery from surgeries. Nabed is easy to use and is carefully designed to be the best health companion you could ask for! Nabed helps patients make better decisions for their health, by giving them access to a rich

Health TV Broadcast

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: Nabed TV is an innovative health education TV broadcast that turns the waiting time in healthcare facilities into a patient education opportunity. Nabed TV is a service that targets the patients in waiting areas in healthcare facilities by: Education on most common conditions Healthcare specialty-specific content Targeted messaging and marketing Nabed TV broadcast includes the latest general health news and ways to prevent or live with diseases. This service

NGO’s Monitoring and Evaluation

ABOUT THE PROJECT: What is tahaki pro? Everything you need for your not for profit organization (NGO). Manage and centralize beneficiaries databases to avoid data clutter. Manage programs & services data, and link it to beneficiaries thus getting rid of program fragmentation. Enhance field operational efficiency, by empowering the field force with data collection mobile apps. Improve decision making and planning by accessing customized dashboards that allows data analysis and

tahaki Social Mapping

ABOUT THE PROJECT: It all started with an idea! To put the hidden value of location in the hand of anyone, anywhere, at any time. Since the establishment of ArabiaGIS in 2001, we believed in democratizing location-based services by making it available and accessible to everyone. Enabled by the revolution of the internet, the wake of social media, and the rise of the cloud, tahaki was conceived in 2015 and

Enaya Plus

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Enaya Plus app is the first of its kind in the Arab world, it’s the output of cooperation between STC and Nabed, a pioneering company in the domain of health education. The goal of Enaya Plus is to help Saudi community receiving personalized, credible and correct medical information based on the personal profile of the user, his/her diagnosis and interests. Enaya Plus, also contains the largest Arabic

Lebanese Elections Automation System

ABOUT THE PROJECT:   The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Lebanese Elections Assistance Project (LEAP) provided support to the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (MoIM) in developing a modern and reliable electronic electoral Results Management System (RMS). The system includes the work process of the Registration Committees (RCs) and Higher Registration Committees (HRCs), development of the results calculation algorithm, and polling center’s data import. The RMS main objective is to

Al Mashghal

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Al Mashghal is a platform for businesses and educational institutions aimed at improving employability, upgrading educational curricula, and highlighting social innovation opportunities. Al Mashghal provides continuous and regular data about market trends, gaps and opportunities, and creates a link between the young workforce and job market through a matching process. Additionally, Al Mashghal works on enhancing university curricula to provide students with a refined learning experience targeted

Municipal Online Platform

ABOUT THE PRODUCT: With support from USAID funded BALADI CAP, ArabiaGIS and its partner “Sakker El-Dekkeneh” launched the municipal online platform – Baldati. The forum/portal came to life after more than ten months of advocacy efforts to persuade five municipalities (Jezzine, Bkassine, Haitourah, Roum, and Kaitouly) with a population of around 43,000 citizens, to publish their financial, administrative and developmental data. The portal also allows municipalities to publicly receive citizens’

Elections Monitoring Platform

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE), is a civil, independent and nonprofit organization specialized in monitoring the elections, studying the electoral systems and laws and pushing local political parties to introduce reforms in line with the international standards of electoral laws. The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections conducted an Observation Mission of 2018 Parliamentary Elections in Lebanon during May 2018. LADE deployed more than 1300 observers

Municipal GIS Platform

ABOUT THE PROJECT: The project was to build a Municipal GIS portal that offers cloud services to all municipalities and that can cater to the needs of municipalities in the present and in the future with minimal additional cost. The platform was customized based on the new requirements of Baladi – MSI to increase productivity and transparency in the municipal sector in Lebanon. The project started by conducting a Rapid