NGOs are moving to the cloud.

In our days, ICT systems became a must-have for the organizations working in development. CSOs are relying on ICT platforms to manage their operations, increase the visibility of their achievements and maximize the impact on their civic causes. 

International donors are now giving priority for projects with innovative and software components, so organizations are now looking to include information systems into their project proposals. 

Tow types of ICT systems are available for organizations to choose from: Cloud-Hosted Platforms and Custom-made software.

Cloud-Hosted Platforms known as Online Software As a Service (SAAS) are cloud hosted solutions where the organization doesn’t own the software but can benefit from its features and capabilities for a subscription fee, usually significantly cheaper that the price of the software itself. While Custom-made softeare are applications designed and built based on the organization’s requirements and tailored to its actual needs.

However, the custom made solutions seem to be the best option for organizations because they are designed for a specific organizational need, but there are too many reasons why software as a service subscriptions are better for small to medium size organizations. 

  • No IT support is needed. No need to hire technical support personnel to manage the infrastructure, because simply there is no infrastructure.
  • No Infrastructure. No data centers or servers needed to host the software, everything is in the cloud.
  • Better for mobile users. Everything is securely accessible through the internet. whether you are at home or traveling far away from office, connection will be redundant and performance is guaranteed.
  • More cost effective. the application provider manages the system as upgrades and maintenance, platform will provide you with newly developed features and capabilities for a small leasing fee which will increase your return on investment.

One thing that makes organizations turn into custom made solutions is the ability to customize the software features and functionality for their specific requirements or to integrate with their existing databases. To respond to this challenge, a lot of SAAS providers started to provide integration and customization services over their platforms to help organizations benefiting from the platform capabilities while integrating with their in-place sytems. 

Major Civil Society Organizations in the middle east and north Africa are moving to the cloud and subscribing to the software as a service online platforms in order to manage their operations and overcome internet connection and security barriers. the following are some of the platforms built in the MENA region to provide CSO s, NGO s and activists with subscription based services: Crowdsource App is a social platform that enables activists and CSOs across MENA to use location in overcoming internal and external barriers and maximizing impact of their local civic efforts. allows:

  • Making communities see and engage in conversations about the big picture by mapping a hot topic or narrating a social story
  • Turning everyone into an activist by crowdsourcing their input
  • Saving time, money and effort by managing complex field operations and beneficiary information Jelly Fish One account to track and manage various budgets by project as well as globally. JellyFish allows: Piece-of-cake budget management Real-time, integrated expense tracking Build trust with transparent, hassle-free reporting Programs, locations, and other reporting criteria Free your accountants!