High Tech Lebanese Elections Monitoring

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) conducted a monitoring mission for the Lebanese parliamentary elections of 2018. To manage this operation during one day with limited resources LADE created an Elections Monitoring System to allow their 375 fixed observers and 770 mobile observers who were traveling between the Lebanese rural areas to collect and report during the day more than 3,600 critical incidents and thousands of reports assessing the

#tech4cause tech to improve the work efficiency of civil

The “tahaki.com” platform convened its first conference titled #tech4cause on the use of technology to improve the work efficiency of civil society organizations at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hamra, Beirut, with the participation of more than 130 organizations and civil society activists. The conference focused on how associations and organizations benefit from the services and technologies that “tahaki” provides in advancing their development their work and managing their operations. UNESCO’s

Animals Lebanon uses Tahaki Mobile App

NGOs that work on improving the welfare of animals through comprehensive animal protection and welfare legislation, started using the technology to improve the conditions of captive endangered wildlife by engaging the community and turning animals lovers into activists. Animals Lebanon, One of the principal Lebanese Civil Society Organizations launched a new project (Gotta Identify Them All) which aims to determine the pet shops, vet clinics, zoo and other facilities and

NGOs are moving to the cloud.

In our days, ICT systems became a must-have for the organizations working in development. CSOs are relying on ICT platforms to manage their operations, increase the visibility of their achievements and maximize the impact on their civic causes.  International donors are now giving priority for projects with innovative and software components, so organizations are now looking to include information systems into their project proposals.  Tow types of ICT systems are