Nabed offering ground breaking health educational technology

Today, developing digital health programs is becoming a priority for healthcare companies. This focus on digital health comes as a result of realizing that technology provides endless opportunities to deliver solutions that improve patient satisfaction and bring patient-centered services. Digital health offers the possibility to join between multiple stakeholders that can take a role in meeting patient expectations in their medical journey. By combining the assets of healthcare companies, life

NABED offering a patient-centric ecosystem for diabetic patient

Nabed participated at the LSEDL (Lebanese Society of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Lipids) 22nd yearly congress on June 21st held in Hilton Habtoor. This  event was an exceptional opportunity to professionally network with endocrinologists and pharmaceutical companies while positioning NABED as the first digital transformation platform targeting the patients for medical educational purpose. We have observed a considerable engagement from healthcare professionals who found our solutions to be innovative tools providing

Dubai Diabetes Center Patient Education using Nabed

The Middle Eastern and North African region has the second highest rate of increase in diabetes globally, and the number of people with diabetes projected to increase by 96.2% in 2035. With the strong presence of this disease in our region, Health care facilities are becoming more aware of the importance to provide the diabetic community with the best services possible, to help them manage their condition.  In this context,

High Tech Lebanese Elections Monitoring

The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE) conducted a monitoring mission for the Lebanese parliamentary elections of 2018. To manage this operation during one day with limited resources LADE created an Elections Monitoring System to allow their 375 fixed observers and 770 mobile observers who were traveling between the Lebanese rural areas to collect and report during the day more than 3,600 critical incidents and thousands of reports assessing the

Launching of Lebanon Municipal GIS Portal

During the launch of the “Lebanon Municipal GIS Portal” developed by ArabiaGIS based on the USAID fund of Baladi – MSI. The project goal was to increase productivity and transparency in the municipal sector in Lebanon. The event, that was held at SmallVille Hotel in SinnElFil, Beirut covered presentations about the project accomplishments and goals. On the other hand, the speeches covered technical training by certified GIS trainers about the

Launching of Baldati Platform in Jezzine

Presenting about Baldati – an open web city. A new platform about transparency, with  Jezzine opinion leaders. Baldati platform provides the municipalities with tools to publish their financial data and sharing them with the citizens in an interactive, visual and easy to understand and leverage way. Citizens will have the chance to provide their feedback on municipal budgets and projects, air their complaints on municipal performance, and most important, file and sign electronic petitions

UNESCO-Tahaki roadshow in Lebanon for ngo tech transformation

On 31 October 2017, UNESCO Beirut launched this initiative with the participation of almost 30 NGOs who were trained on the use of the Platform. George Awad, UNESCO Beirut’s Programme Specialist in Communication and Information, said: “As part of this collaboration between UNESCO and the Tahaki Platform, a series of roadshows in different Lebanese regions will be organized, targeting small and medium NGOs to introduce them and to train them

#tech4cause tech to improve the work efficiency of civil

The “” platform convened its first conference titled #tech4cause on the use of technology to improve the work efficiency of civil society organizations at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Hamra, Beirut, with the participation of more than 130 organizations and civil society activists. The conference focused on how associations and organizations benefit from the services and technologies that “tahaki” provides in advancing their development their work and managing their operations. UNESCO’s

Animals Lebanon uses Tahaki Mobile App

NGOs that work on improving the welfare of animals through comprehensive animal protection and welfare legislation, started using the technology to improve the conditions of captive endangered wildlife by engaging the community and turning animals lovers into activists. Animals Lebanon, One of the principal Lebanese Civil Society Organizations launched a new project (Gotta Identify Them All) which aims to determine the pet shops, vet clinics, zoo and other facilities and

The Project Management Institute 2015 Meeting

The Project Management Institute – Lebanon Chapter participated in the Middle East Region Leadership meeting that was organized by the PMI Region 12 in Dubai. All Region 12 Chapters – Arabian Gulf Chapter, Khaleeji (UAE) Chapter, Lebanon Chapter, Jordan Chapter, Egypt Potential Chapter and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Potential Chapter – attended the meeting. “Membership Retention, Growth, Business planning, Building relationships and collaboration” were the main themes of the 2015