Launching of Lebanon Municipal GIS Portal

During the launch of the “Lebanon Municipal GIS Portal” developed by ArabiaGIS based on the USAID fund of Baladi – MSI. The project goal was to increase productivity and transparency in the municipal sector in Lebanon. The event, that was held at SmallVille Hotel in SinnElFil, Beirut covered presentations about the project accomplishments and goals. On the other hand, the speeches covered technical training by certified GIS trainers about the

Launching of Baldati Platform in Jezzine

Presenting about Baldati – an open web city. A new platform about transparency, with  Jezzine opinion leaders. Baldati platform provides the municipalities with tools to publish their financial data and sharing them with the citizens in an interactive, visual and easy to understand and leverage way. Citizens will have the chance to provide their feedback on municipal budgets and projects, air their complaints on municipal performance, and most important, file and sign electronic petitions